Maximize Traffic & Conversions To YOUR Money Site

Every Website Falls Into One Of 2 Categories:

Websites that make you money: Websites that give you headaches:
Load quickly & consistently - maximizing site traffic Take forever to load - causing a massive traffic LEAK
Have graphics, visual elements & forms that appear where & when they’re supposed to Often have blank spaces where graphics & forms are supposed to be
Have navigation menus & links that take visitors EXACTLY where they want to go Have links that aren’t clickable or don’t direct users where they’re supposed to
STAY online & optimized thru any WordPress or plugin update Can suddenly crash with a single WordPress or plugin update

Your MAIN Money Site Should Be An ASSET

Meaning It Works For You - NOT The Other Way Around!

As powerful and user-friendly as Local Sites Hub is
Every WordPress site HAS to be set up properly for it to work perfectly.
That means the right plugins, all the right settings, optimized images and much more.
All in, it’s a pretty extensive list.
And because your main site HAS to be optimized for you to maximize traffic, conversions & profits

We’re Opening Up A LIMITED # Of Our ALL INCLUSIVE DFY Site Set Up & Optimization Packages

What You Get

Your own DEDICATED team of professional developers & site specialists to literally put together your Marketplace FOR you.

You tell us what you want - from big picture to the tiniest details - we make it happen.


Complete MarketPlace Setup + Main Site Creation pre-loaded with dummy content & images (tip - create a backup of this ‘core site’ and you’ll be able to reuse & customize it over & over!)
20 / 40* Hours of Dedicated Customization - our team works to customize your site to your EXACT specs … including optimizing your images, adding any custom plugins you require, ensuring ALL forms are correctly synced and both internal & external navigation links work perfectly
Backup Configured
Top Notch Support on Skype or Similar Messenger
On-Site SEO Optimization * - Complete SEO optimization for 10 key pages
Link Building * - We create 100 high-powered back links to your site to maximize long term traffic
Speed Optimization * - after adding ALL site elements we’ll go in and optimize your site so it consistently achieves an ‘A’ grade with GTMetrix - the industry standard for site speed & performance rating

*Advanced Plan Features

Why Only A Limited # Of Packages?

  • We provide this EXACT service year round to hundreds of global clients …
    but charge a LOT more than the price you’ll see on this page.

  • As a new Local Sites Hub customer, we want to THANK YOU for your business by offering a massive discount on this all-inclusive, DFY site setup & maintenance plan.

  • But we only have so many experts on our team, and there are only so many hours in a day. Meaning this exclusive offer is subject to close AT ANY TIME.

Time = Money

If you’ve got the skills, patience & time to build & optimize your own site, great

But if you’d PREFER to invest your time into growing your business …

And RELAX knowing your most important site is PERFECTLY setup & optimized

for profits … by EXPERTS who do this all day, everyday ...

This could be JUST what you’re looking for.

  • You could EASILY cover the low cost of this DFY service within just a FEW days of having your new site up & running.

  • We’ve priced these complete DFY plans at “break-even” costing … Your price is our cost … we’re not making a dime in profit with these packages.

  • But hope that when you take advantage, you’ll soon be getting such great results you’ll want to provide a testimonial down the road.

Ready for YOUR money site to make you the highest possible profits?

Enjoy industry-leading load times while maximizing conversions & organic traffic?

While investing YOUR valuable time into building your business instead of being stuck working inside of it?

Just Choose Your Preferred Plan Below And Let’s Get Started!

DFY Premium DFY Platinum
Complete Marketplace Setup With Dummy Content & Images Complete Theme Setup With Dummy Content & Images
20 Hours Of Dedicated Customization 40 Hours Of Dedicated Customization
Weekly Site Backup Weekly Site Backup + LOGO DESIGN + Custom Banner Design
On-Site SEO Optimization - complete SEO optimization for 10 key pages
Link Building - 100 high-powered backlinks to your site to maximize traffic
Speed Optimization - after adding ALL site elements we’ll optimize your site so it consistently achieves an ‘A’ grade with GTMetrix - the industry standard for site speed & performance rating
Local Sites Hub
Local Sites Hub DFY Agency - Platinum

These plans WILL sell out quickly.

They’re priced at a FRACTION of our regular rates for the exact same service

Take advantage NOW by making your choice and one of our experts will be in touch immediately to get things started.

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